JDs guide to returning home unscathed

Later today I will be heading out celebrate a good friends birthday, which are always great opportunities to catchup with old friends over a few drinks and recount all the crazy shenanigans we got up to as kids. But for some strange reason, lurking at the back of my mind there is an odd sense of trepidation. I am slightly afraid.

We all know 'that person'.  You know the one; That guy or girl that always seems to be around when something totally crazy happens. And it usually, but not always, involves alcohol.

This is a person that can only think big.  No half measures. If they plan a night out, they will plan the biggest night night out. If they plan a holiday, it is an epic adventure. And if fate deems it time for them to have an injury, by god, they will be certain to have an awesome injury.

I wont say this often, sometimes, just sometimes, a night can be a little too awesome.