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The mobile network run by you

For those that are unaware, and it appears there are many of you, giffgaff is small mobile network. It was created with the simple idea that if a company truly put it's customers at the centre of its operation, involved them in decisions and paid them cash for helping other customers, then they would have an truly awesome service that people like myself would be absolutely happy to promote to everyone they know.

JD Recommends...


If you have ever needed to access important files from multiple devices, then you should already be using Dropbox, especially since you get 2GB for free, which can be increased to 10GB by participation in their referral scheme. 

Drag your files into your Dropbox folder on your PC/Mac and access anywhere in the world across a range of devices from PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android phones. It even directly from your web browser! 



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