giffgaff - the mobile network run by you

I love giffgaff. Sorry, but I have to get that out of the way before anyone accuses me of being some kind of corporate sell out. Well I guess I am a sell out, and for many reasons, but not because I want to promote giffgaff.

For those that are unaware, and it appears there are many of you, giffgaff is small mobile network. It was created with the simple idea that if a company truly put it's customers at the centre of its operation, involved them in decisions and paid them cash for helping other customers, then they would have an truly awesome service that people like myself would be absolutely happy to promote to everyone they know.

When giffgaff refer to themselves as "the mobile network run by you", they are not far off the mark. Currently they only have 16 members of staff so rely on a small army of customers to chip in and help out. It's not compulsory though. You can take advantage of the cheap prices yet never lift a finger, but then you would miss out on the sense of achievement, the community spirit and the cold hard cash!

My old contract with O2 ended in August and I started using a sim-card from giffgaff immediately (giffgaff sims will work in O2 phones). I paid £10 a month for unlimited texts, unlimited data and more minutes than I ever used. That alone saved me £25 a month. However at the end of December, giffgaff deposited £79.38 into my PayPal account, for the help I provided to customers on their forum in the preceding months. that was actually more than I had paid them.

They were actually paying me, to be a customer!

For the record, I did not spend a huge amount of time helping many people, maybe 30 mins a week. And I was lucky enough to have a fair knowledge of mobile phones so the questions were possibly easier for me to answer than for others. But still, £79.38 for answering a few questions cannot be sneezed at.

Another activity giffgaff reward, due to having a limited marketing budget, is promotion. Yes, that’s right. In the interest of being totally upfront and honest, if you click the below banner and activate a sim-card, I will get £5. But so will you!

If you want to read some more information about giffgaff, then I recommend you check out the giffgaff manifesto on their website. Hopefully, if you do like the sound of them, you'll sign up via my banner, but even if you choose not to, I would still recommend them whole heartedly.


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